Matthew Greco


Artist Statement
I was born in 1976 to a pair of white middle class parents.  In classic Gen X fashion I didn’t care much for that identity so I became a drug addict to escape it.  That turned me into a poor white boy with no friends.  Didn’t really care for that either, so I got myself cleaned up and became a low class white boy with a middle class upbringing and found that to be sufferable.  Once I had found the identity with which I suffer today I decided to remount my pursuit of higher education.  About six undergraduate programs later I graduated with a BFA from Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah GA where I was awarded the Mryna Bezdek award in ceramics.  I then made sure I would never be more than low class by graduating with a MFA from Queens College CUNY.  Since I ceased to ruin my life with drugs I have been fortunate enough to exhibit my work in galleries in NY, GA, CA and Ireland including; The Telfair Museum of Art (GA), Desoto Row (GA), The Dorsky Gallery (NY), The NY Studio Gallery (NY), Gallery 126 (Ireland), and The Beacon Gallery (CA).  My work has a common theme of memory and memorial and how these effect the human condition both individually and collectively.  Of late my examinations have been focused on the innovative ways people employ to problem solve in their everyday life, especially those problems that arise from building or manipulating space.”

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