Greg Sholette


Sholette assembled this small, offset printed artists’ book from a series of select quotations about Operation Crossroads, the United States Atomic bomb tests that took place on Bikini Atoll in Micronesia after the end of the Second World War. The overall pattern of these citations reveals both a pattern of cultural condescension towards the inhabitants of Bikini, as well as a disregard for the dangers of radioactive contamination to the atoll, as well as the soldiers and sailors taking part in the “experiments.”  The citations were copied from books and newspapers primarily at the time of the tests including the New York Times and printed out using a pre-electronic typewriter.


About the Artist:
Gregory Sholette is a New York-based artist, writer, and founding member of REPOhistory (1989-2000) and Political Art Documentation/Distribution (PAD/D: 1980-1988). His recent installations include “Mole Light” at Plato’s Cave/Eidia House in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (October 2010), and “The Imaginary Archive” at Enjoy Public Art Gallery, Wellington New Zealand (June – July 2010). Recent publications include Dark Matter: Art and Politics in an Age of Enterprise Culture (Pluto Press, Nov. 2010); Collectivism After Modernism: The Art of Social Imagination after 1945, with Blake Stimson (University of Minnesota, 2007), The Interventionists: A Users Manual for the Creative Disruption of Everyday Life, with Nato Thompson (MassMoCA/MIT Press, 2004, 2006, 2008), and a special 2008 issue of Third Text co-edited with theorist Gene Ray on the theme Whither Tactical Media. Sholette is an Assistant Professor of Sculpture at Queens College: City University of New York (CUNY), a visiting faculty member of the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, Harvard University (Spring 2010), and he teaches an annual seminar in theory and social practice for the CCC post-graduate research program at Geneva University of Art and Design


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