Marianna LaRosa Maruyama


Artist Statement  After the nuclear disaster, fear led many people to become amateur nuclear physicists. Words we`d rarely or never used before frequently occurred in conversation: sieverts, becquerels, fuel rods, cold shutdown.  Only “half-life” was something I was able to remember from high school physics because it intrigued me – the idea of exponential decay.  As we are now estimating the time it will take for the negative effects of radiation to disappear, we are also spending a tremendous amount of psychic energy worrying, feeling afraid, and taking precautions to avoid more exposure.  In this sense, I sometimes feel that some of us in Japan especially, are living what might be called a half-life – neither here nor there – and losing what little time we have anyway to an obsessive (and in some cases justified) fear.  These drawings are simply reminders of the process of living and notes on the way that all things change with time.  They are not condemnations of nuclear energy; rather I hope they put forth the question of how we all might face our lives with an uncertain future.


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