Alison Meyers-Ohki


Pearl Harbor incited America’s overt involvement in World War II as well as a subsequent anti-Japanese and anti-Japanese American media agenda.  In towns, cities, and later internment camps, my family on my father’s side along with many other Japanese and Japanese American families were forced to make home in a country that insisted on imprinting their faces and bodies with associations of the enemy.  I pay tribute to their resilience which has allowed me to take flight.

About the Artist

Ali Meyers-Ohki was born in Connecticut to Shelley and Stephen.  She attended Oberlin College and currently lives in Maine.  She is fourth generation Japanese American on her father’s side and the internment which her grandparents and great grandparents experienced during World War II is the subject of much of her art and writing.

One response

  1. Alison – I love your piece and the young woman behind it. I find the work beautiful and moving. Love, Mom

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