Misato Yugi


There will be a showing of Misato Yugi‘s video animation, Red Dot Radiation Art (Akai Tsubutsubu No E), at the opening of The Fire that Doesn’tGo Out on March 1, at 7:00 p.m.  at the Baron Gallery.  The film will be accompanied by an original score, composed and performed live by the Cleveland band, SINUU.

The title of this film can be translated, literally, as red dot pictures, or pictures made of red dots–tsubu tsubu being a tiny particle or grain, like the grains on a strawberry or the red rash that appears on the skin of radiation victims.  The animation was created purposely without sound; it is given new voice with every live performance by the musicians who put their own music to the images and by the audiences who come, as witnesses, to watch and listen.

Invited to create an original composition for Misato Yugi’s video gave us an opportunity to explore relationships between sound and the moving image. The sonic narrative we’ve composed is a response to Ms. Yugi’s powerful animation and the ongoing plight of the people in Japan in the wake of the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, and meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.   — SINUU

Dave Cintron and Brent Gemmill, SINUU

David Cintron.    Born in Cleveland, and educated in design and fine art at Kent State, David is a multi-instrumentalist who has been writing, releasing music and performing solo, collaboratively, or as a band member for 24 years. His music covers a broad range, from hard rock to instrumental ambient soundscape. Along with his current band, Terminal Lovers, he has also fronted The Downside Special and Dimbulb, and was a member of Speaker/Cranker, Disengage, Cobra Verde, The Freedom Jazz Orchestra, Scarcity of Tanks and Rhys Chatham & His Guitar Trio All-Stars among many other projects. David’s latest record of instrumental meditations, “No On”, was released by Lighten Up Sounds in Oct. 2011.

Brent Gemmill originates from New Zealand and has toured internationally playing drums and electronics with noise iconoclasts, Lung.  Currently, he is a resident of Cleveland, Ohio where he plays with Terminal Lovers, winners of Scene Magazine’s Best Original Band 2011


Harlem Renaissance High School students: Adama Traore, Felix Medina, Steven Olivence, Ronald Thermidor, Jorge Morales, Boyd Findlay and teacher, Dawn Landes  © 2011 :

NARCO:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJeqJHygY0s&feature=related

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