Installation and Opening

INSTALLATION 02/21 – 02/29/12



OPENING 3/01/12, 7:00 PM

ORIGINAL SCORE  by SINUU (Brent Gemmill and Dave Cintron)  to Misato Yugi’s Red Dot Radiation Art

North Gallery: o’Hara slavick, Meyers-Ohki, Schuster, Nishizawa, Sholette, Ayoung




 South Gallery:  Greco, Orimo, Murayama, Takeda, Suzuki, o’Hara slavick, Nishizawa, Takahashi



It was a lovely opening.  We had good turnout–about 80, all told.  At 8:00 PM, there was a showing of Misato Yugi’s animated film, Akai Tsubutsubu no E (Red Dot Radiation Art), with an original score performed live by SINUU.  We’ll post a video of that performance soon.

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