Artist Talk: After Aftermath by elin o’Hara slavick

WHEN:  5:00 pm, Thursday March 8

WHERE:  Hallock Auditorium, Environmental Studies Center

elin o’Hara slavick (Distinguished Term Professor of Art at UNC) will give a talk, After Aftermath, on her photographic project of “exposing” the continuing atomic history of Hiroshima. For a schedule of events and more information on the exhibit, please see the Schedule page.

Hypocenter in Hiroshima, Japan


The atomic bomb called Little Boy “dropped on Hiroshima on August 6, 1945 turned into powder and ash, in a few moments, the flesh and bones of 140,000 men, women, and children. Three days later, a second atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki killed perhaps 70,000 instantly. In the next five years, another 130,000 inhabitants of those two cities died of radiation poisoning. Those figures do not include countless other people who were left alive, but maimed, poisoned, disfigured, blinded.

A Japanese schoolgirl recalled years later that it was a beautiful morning. She saw a B-29 fly by, then a flash. She put her hands up and “my hands went right through my face.” She saw a “man without feet, walking on his ankles.” – Howard Zinn, Hiroshima: Breaking the Silence



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