Community Reading and Arts Contest

On March 20, 2012, we held the final public event of the exhibit:  a community reading at the Baron Gallery.  We ran out of seating, and still people came; they were sitting on the floor and leaning in through the doors. The following is a program of the event:


we keep


creased starlets


                              (from: Stacks by Nathaniel Marcus)

                              (art by Julie Gaynes)


Arts Contest Guidelines:

In connection with the current exhibition “The FIre That Doesn’t Go Out,” (, Shansi and The Plum Creek Review are sponsoring a reading and competition for creative writers and graphic artists.

Work entered in the competition should respond to some aspect–thematic and/or formal– of the current exhibit at the Baron Gallery.
There will be a $50 prize for the winner in each category (writing and graphic arts).

SUBMISSIONS DEADLINE:  March 14th.  HARDCOPY:   Oberlin Shansi Office, 103 Peters Hall;  ELECTRONIC COPY:

Winners will be invited to participate in a reading (co-sponsored by the Creative Writing Program, the Art Department, and the Main Street Reading series) on Tuesday evening, March 20, 7:30 p.m.,  at the Baron Gallery.

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